Monday, June 30, 2008

WordFrame Partners meeting in Plovdiv

The last two weeks we, at ITBrix / WordFrame, had the privilege of having representatives of 4 partner companies visiting our Plovdiv office. The visits had been planned in the previous months and although Des Walsh from Australia and George Dearing from Texas could not make it for personal reasons, we had a lot done. Social Media Today could not send anybody this month but they are sending Mark Lazen to Plovdiv next month.

Here are the participants in the peaceful “invasion” we were so happy to host:

1. Paul Fox from GroupCom and the project that will really surprise a lot of people in the collaboration, social media and community building area –

2. Eric Andersen from Parnassus Group and Blog Business Summit

3. Synergy3 had three representatives in Bulgaria last week, Liz Dietz, Vicki Tambellini and Tim Liu. The visit helped Synergy3 to meet in person the developers responsible for two of their most important projects – and

4. David Terrar, who is also the latest addition to the ITBrix management board and owners’ list

There were two important events happening during the visits – the first one being that The WordFrame partners met in one place and began important discussions and interaction between each other; and the second one - all the participants were given the first demo of WordFrame2 Enterprise Platform. Jerry Bowles and Mark Lazen from Social Media Today participated via GoToMeeting Session. I will present more facts in the near future and leave David to be more specific for now. I will reserve the right to publish some nice stories and achievements by our partners soon. The meetings and discussions were of huge importance for all of us. We got to know each other better and we identified business niches and concepts that we could not have done so successfully by working separately. Isn’t this what the collaboration is all about?

We have planned another Meet-Up like that in the near future, before December 1st to discuss and implement the new marketing plan and policy of WordFrame. A marketing plan which is completely dependent on the WordFrame2 Enterprise implementation and our partner eco-system we are successfully implementing. I want to personally thank to all participants as well as to Jerry Bowles, Robin Fray Carey, Mark Lazen and Des Walsh for the continuous support and time devoted to the WordFrame partnership

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