Saturday, May 31, 2008

WordFrame update

It has been almost a month since our last posts in the WordFrame Blog. Well, our absence both on the blogging and the Twitter arena was not without a reason. We were mainly engaged with business development and with WordFrame partner network enlargement, sales, demos and most importantly - the WordFrame Enterprise v2.0 planning and development.

We got a handful of new customers and partners and this kept us busy quite a lot. I will be happy to announce a couple of our new customers in the next coming weeks as well as all our new partners, together with some of the more significant projects powered by WordFrame. Some of the new ones - great communities and social media networks, include Synergy3’s and bellaSavio, alongside with the blog site for Content Management Connection and .

Another very important event was the latest update and upgrade of our CMS. The CMS is called PageTypes and we will be finally launching its website, featuring full-blown online help and documentation. The interesting fact is that when we had it ready for its first official release last year we were planning to call it WordFrame - but for one or another reason, after we split from our previous venture in the end of last year, we decided to use that name for our Social Media platform.

Anyway, the faith knows its ways better than us, as we are now implementing the fully-functional PageTypes CMS into the WordFrame Enterprise to create something really unique and powerful. David Terrar and I will be posting regular updates on our sites about PageTypes CMS and WordFrame Enterprise v2.0.

By the way – the PageTypes CMS should not be considered being the main or the only functional and structural addition to the new WordFrame v2.0. There is much more hidden up our sleeves to surprise you with.

I will be posting some more news in the next couple of days about events that were and still are part of our busy and happy month of May.

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