Thursday, April 10, 2008

Complete User Profile management and setup in WordFrame Community Platform 1.0

ITBrix / WordFrame is proud to announce the release of a completely new and functional upgraded User Profile Management Module under the Administration Section in the WordFrame Community Platform. The new features in the User management Admin module allow the administrators of any WordFrame community to manage, define and set the types of the user profiles and the data contained and gathered by the Community members.

I will post two articles today about this new module in the WordFrame administration. The first article will be short will have only two screenshots and will present really general information about the new WordFrame Profile management capabilities.

The second Article will be a bit longer and is directed towards current and future users of the system that are heavily interested in the Social Networking and User profiles building features of an extensive Social Media and Collaboration tool such as WordFrame Community platform. The second post will have more than 7 screenshots displaying the new management of the user profiles, the User Profile sections creation, the field selection and settings in each profile section. I will also specifically point out the way the “required fields” are set up. What happens after the User Profile is initially created or User Profile Edits are saved, how the registration process depends on the selected profile fields and how the newly created and set “required fields” are applied towards the existing WordFrame user accounts and profiles.

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