Thursday, April 10, 2008

WordFrame Weekly demos, schedule and info

Des Walsh, our Australian partner and I had a small discussion today in regards to the WordFrame Community Platform weekly demos. I realized that we do not have this properly announced on the WordFrame website and nor have I blogged about it. I will now try to fix the mistakes on our side.

We have a scheduled weekly demos every week, Friday at noon, 12:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time. This is respectively 2:00 PM Eastern or 11:00 AM Pacific time. The demos are done either by me or David Terrar. We do them online with either a skype conference or a Conference call number. The visualization is done via LiveMeeting.

David and I already planned another regular weekly demo for the rest of the world as this one is convenient for the interested in WordFrame on the North American continent. The other demo time and day will be announced later next week when we finish the planning and coordination for these regular events with David Terrar and Des Walsh. Our Asian prospects and customers seem to grow rapidly and we have to take care of them too. So, we will inform you guys about that next week.

The European and the Asian oriented WordFrame demos will be done on GoToMeeting as David is not very big fan of LiveMeeting.

We will post the demos’ details both on the Blog site here and on the WordFrame product site.

PS. Des would be mad at me calling him our Australian partner because the proper term, is Australasian. Sorry Des

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