Thursday, April 10, 2008

WordFrame Dynamic User Profile Management - part 1

WordFrame Community Platform released a completely new User Profile management module about a week ago. The new module gives the WordFrame administrators the unique capabilities of customizing the User Profiles the way they see fit.

This useful upgrade was implemented because a couple of our customers have requested specific changes in the User profile section. Having in mind the diversity of the companies and their users and audiences, it was clear to us that a unified profile setup will not do the job and cover the needs of all those guys.

We had Social Media Today and as one of the first requestors in December 07 and January 08 and then a couple of British customers and trial accounts followed with a set of customization requests concerning mainly and only the type of data gathered, stored and requested in the WordFrame User Profile. The latest request came from the Bahamas Tourist Network. We have made many conference calls and exchanged a series of e-mails with all our customers regarding the exact results and functionality they wanted to see and here it is, we are ready.

The User Profile management is done by the Dynamic Profile Management Section under the Users tab in the WordFrame Administration module.

The Dynamic Profile Management section gives the opportunity the administrators to create and set the desired number of sections in the User Profiles and manage them. The User Profile can contain unlimited number of sections.

Each section can contain unlimited number of data fields. The data fields can be chosen from the preset field types in the system. Those preset field types cover all the possible data or selection gathering field types.

A very important portion of the fields selector and user profile section creation is the ability for the administrators to set the required fields in the profile. Once a data field from the User profile is set as a “required” field, it automatically becomes part of the initial registration process. In the even when a new required field is introduced towards an already existing user base (users that are already registered and filled out their profiles ) the system cleverly asks this missing data to be entered by the existing users the next time they try to login.

We will be more than happy to show how this works in any of our regularly schedule demos of the WordFrame Community Platform.

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